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THE CALI DREAMS MUSEUM puts you in a real dream. After months-long construction and intense creative input from international artists, CALI DREAMS proudly presents one of the biggest Made-For-Instagram exhibitions worldwide. The absolute perfection of the California dream – for the first time in the middle of Germany!

Welcome to the place of extreme phantasies.

The museum stretches across a gigantic area of 1,500 m2 and over 29 dreams/spaces. It was created by award winning artists, including from the USA, and a tremendous amount of color – for an experience of limitless fun.

It is a new and one-of-a-kind place for dreaming. Strike a pose inside a pink Cadillac, train in the world famous golden Gym (muscle beach) in Venice or ride on a unicorn around the world – Yes! Everything is possible in Cali!



Momentan nur Gutscheine erhältlich

Welcome to

CALI = California. California is the origin for the new virtual world and San Francisco the city where Instagram was founded. Los Angeles is the hotbed for movie stars and musicians. Venice beach – America’s most famous beach. … And it is just a stone’s throw away to Las Vegas. Experience Hollywood and Santa Monica and feel like a star for a day!

Break out of your daily routine and dive into a fictional dream world! Save yourself a 10h flight and just visit California by car or public transportation.

CALI DREAMS takes you out of the everyday grind and puts you into a fantastic world – it’s a continuous WOW-effect. Walk through the museum together with your friends and take the craziest pictures of your life.

Be awesome.

CALI DREAMS – the perfect place to make dreamlike memories in your heart and professional photos for Instagram.